[EU Warehouse] Original Xiaomi JIMMY JV85 Pro LED Display Low Noise Handheld Flexible Vacuum Cleaner

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1. Driven by a high-efficiency 550W brushless digital motor with a suction power of 200AW
2. 8 large-capacity removable lithium batteries, the machine has a long working time of 70 minutes
3. The intelligent LED display shows the power status of the battery on the left and the working mode of the machine, which helps to develop a better cleaning plan
4. The flexible metal pipe will automatically move at different angles when cleaning different areas, so that it can be easily cleaned under furniture. It allows the floor head to freely enter various low-altitude areas
5. The horizontal cyclone separator design reduces the bending of the air duct of the dust cup, increases the wind speed and eliminates the obstruction of the air duct
6. 0.6L large-capacity dust cup reduces the number of cleanings
7. The arm, the vacuum cleaner tube and the floor head are located in the same straight line during the cleaning process, thus saving cleaning work
8. A combing design has been developed on the floor head, which can prevent pets or human hair from tangling on the brush roller during cleaning, which is very suitable for families with pets
9. Very convenient to use and clean
10. Voltage: 28.8V
11. Rated power: 600W
12. Suction pressure:25000Pa
13. Airflow: 1.35m3/min

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